Mawwwaaaiiigge…. can give you nightmares

My ninja-spouse and I got married a good long while ago, but some of my bridezilla dreams are still fun family fodder.  Now, they can be fun public fodder.

For example..

One night, I dreamed my ninja-spouse-to-be had been a bad little leprechaun, so I put him in the dishwasher until he could be good.

Another night, I dreamed I went for my dress fitting, and it was huge and the zipper gaped open in the back, but before the seamstress could fix it, it was time for pictures and then I was walking down the aisle, and then my father walked up to the podium and announced that it was time for the ceremonial elk hunt, and asked that all male members of the wedding party and congregation accompany him with their bows and arrows.  And my ninja-spouse-to-be WENT WITH HIM!  (Side note: ninja-spouse-to-be was warned very quickly (in real life) that should he choose to leave me at the altar for a ceremonial elk hunt, I would go ninja on his you-know-what.)

Gotta love those life-changing events… They really screw with the ol’ mind.


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  1. Sarah D. Said:

    When I was pregnant w/ the last kiddo, I dreamed that my husband told me he was leaving me for a stripper and then proceeded to make me watch her show. I woke up SO mad at him! Life changing events and all…..

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