Look out!

From the ol’ family tales file…

One night, when the ninja-spouse and I were about a decade younger, I had this dream that we were walking through an old gothic cathedral and the gargoyles were alive and watching us and creeping me out, and all of a sudden these gigantic ax pendulums started swinging from the ceiling.  Naturally, I yelled for the ninja-spouse to look out.  Except I really did yell for him to look out, and he woke up out of a dead sleep certain that somebody was outside the window about to break in and rape and pillage us, so he sprung straight up in full ninja-attack stance (he does have a black belt in at least one martial art), and I very clearly yelled, “No, get down, they’re gonna cut your head off!”

The ninja-spouse is nothing if not obedient to my midnight ramblings, so he dropped flat and stared around for about 30 seconds before he realized what was going on, snorted in disgust, and told me to go back to sleep.

Lord knows we both hope I’m never the first alert system for a real midnight break-in.  The ninja-spouse has been trained not to believe me.


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