The Bubble Under The Ocean

I had this dream where I went to a house to look at buying it, and while me and my special male dream friend were in the basement, he discovered a portal to the house in a bubble at the bottom of the ocean, but we had to go through the ocean to get there. On the way, there was an oil spill, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus offered to handcuff herself to the beach since one of us had to stay behind as a sacrifice to the spill. When we got to the house in the bubble, we discovered it was mostly a bachelor pad, but I washed the mini-ninja’s hair in the sink then got him a trim at the beauty salon. Then we headed back up top, where Julia had gotten a male sidekick who was maimed by wooden pallets floating in the tide. Then they got married.

Ten years later in the dream, Julia’s husband was gone but she swore it was the best 10 years of her life. Then we all boarded a flying school bus to go back to my parents’ town, but instead we went back to the original house for sale and got a tour from the owner who had no idea her husband was living in a bachelor pad in a bubble at the bottom of the ocean.

Side note: I think I had this same dream one other time, but it happened in outer space.


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