So That’s Where The Body Went

I dreamed that it was my high school graduation day, but one of the parents wanted to hold our entire class back even though we’d gotten all A’s because he believed we’d benefit from taking other classes that the high school had to offer. I told him to do something anatomically impossible and demanded my diploma, since college classes would be better than more high school classes, but then suddenly I was in some kind of medical school watching Michael Jackson’s autopsy. When the med student in charge pulled out an axe to chop his head off, I had to leave the room. They told me he’d been sown back together, and suddenly the ninja-spouse’s crazy hippie aunt was there, and she told me it was time for the funeral. So we all piled into cars, and my best fried from college drove me, along with some RWA chapter mates, to a huge church that had services for all sorts of denominations, and it was just a big plain building and more and more folding chairs kept appearing. Then, in the middle of the service, the ninja-spouse’s crazy hippie aunt stood up and announced to everyone that we were knew, so we had to parade around the folding chairs, all 30 or so of us, holding the new baby up high. Some woman to the leaves that were my coat and ate them, so I was a little cold,but then I got to eat a meat pie while the funeral started. And as I sat there watching Michael Jackson’s funeral in my local church, I realized that the ninja-spouse’s crazy hippie aunt had stolen his body, and for once, I knew more about the story than the National Enquirer.
Then we all went out to breakfast.


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