Jewish Agnostic Idol

So the dream started fairly standard for a nightmare. I was at the OB for my glucose test. (Shudder.). And I was telling the girl in front of me, who’s swigging the nasty sugar drink, that I passed out and threw up the last time I took the glucose test (true story) and then, because I like to be optimistic and I didn’t want to scare the poor thing, I added that it wasn’t that bad. (Yes, it was.)

So of course, we fast forward in the dream, and I’m the team leader for one-fifth of the contestants on American Idol. I’m also a contestant, but it’s my job to organize my team into small groups for competition. Then, as the first group starts dancing and singing in the trees (did I mention we were at a campground?), I realized I’d forgotten to put myself in a group, and I got kinda desperate since I really wanted to go to Hollywood.

But then I was sitting in a big barn at a Jewish service with my friends Jen and Rob who don’t really go to church anywhere but in my dreams had signed up to be the host couple one weekend a month. In the middle of the service, the Rabbi gave me Communion, then Jen started the wave. Afterwards, I told Rob about my American Idol dream, and a train came by with fireworks crackling in all of its cars, and even though we were at the end of the track, Rob kept yelling for people to quit setting off fireworks in the trains. Then all the cars separated and were driven by individual drivers, and they headed up the quaint little main street behind the Jewish barn, and I realized I’d seen that intersection before, but I have no idea where.

Then I woke up.


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