The Intergalactic Princess Dream

This one’s from my personal archives over 4 years ago on a Sunday morning, but I love it too much to let it go.  In fact, I have an old neighbor who still calls me the Intergalactic Princess, thanks to this dream.  Enjoy!

I had the coolest dream last night. I was chosen to be one of 12 intergalactic princesses. Actually, there might have been some intergalactic princes in there with us, too, but I can’t remember clearly.

In my dream, after I became one of the anointed ones, I had to go stand with the other 11 on this round metal plate on the space ship that was marked with our names. I was number 6. And when all of us were standing on our names, then the spaceship could move. Most everyone else fell off the round metal plate when we actually took off, but I was super-intergalactic princess and helped them all hang on.

The first place we stopped when our riverboat space ship docked was this place where everyone was so humble they thought we wouldn’t ever talk to them, but then we did. We shared food, and they worshipped us for being good intergalactic river royalty. We made them happy by gracing them with our presence, and I felt good about myself. I was such a cool intergalactic princess. Apparently a nice stuck-up one, too. 🙂

Then I woke up, thought, “Gee, that was a fun dream,” and promptly went back to sleep where I was once again an intergalactic princess. Except this time I was in a line to get my alien husband. (Somehow in my dream it made sense that I had to have one, and the ninja-spouse understood and didn’t mind.) The people in front of me cheated and didn’t fill out the right paperwork to actually be married, but I was paired with Stitch (the blue alien dude from Lilo and Stitch), so I was okay with it. And then we had a fight, and Stitch got sent to the isolated part of the ship. Probably because he made an intergalactic princess mad. But while he was in isolation, he was building a new army to help him break out of isolation and do good for all mankind. Probably without being a snot.

That’s about when I woke up for real, got up for the day, did the showering/breakfast/Sunday morning church thing, and then went out to brunch with some friends. And this is where the exploding nose comes into play.

I was about half a mile from home after breakfast when this darn cold of mine kicked in again. I felt the tickle in my nose, braced myself, and sneezed. But really, saying my nose exploded is a more appropriate explanation of what happened. And wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t have a single tissue anywhere within reach in my car.

I was almost home, just a block away, when I passed a neighbor out walking. And she saw me holding a hand up to my nose in a rather awkward position, as I was holding my nose gunk in my hand while it continued to sprinkle down out my nose and off my face. And all I could do was blush, because I needed one hand to drive and the other to keep me clean. I was so close to getting home with no witnesses, too.

So, in a matter of 3 hours, I went from intergalactic princess to snot girl.  That’s humility for you.


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