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Buzz Pee-Year To The Rescue

So the mini-ninja had a minor setback in being potty trained, and then my subconscious comes up with this.

I dreamed I was walking down the street and a Godzilla-sized Buzz Lightyear toy stomped past me, then turned around and peed all over me.  When the second Buzz Lightyear appeared, I told myself I was having a nightmare and woke myself up.


Workin’ for a Schoolin’

I dreamed I was at a High School College, and I was so glad I knew my schedule and locker combination, but then I forgot it and got really mad at myself. I think my exact thought was, “stupid dream!” Then I was offered a job at Subway, even though they made fried mozzarella sticks and pizzas instead of sandwiches, and since the only thing I had on my schedule for 8 AM was donuts and drivers with a friend, I agreed to work for a woman who reminded me of Sue Sylvester from Glee. When we started the morning shift, I was torn between making salads and just tossing kitchen utensils around, but I really wanted to roll pizza dough around the mozzarella sticks. Unfortunately, every time I tried, the pizza dough turned into sloppy joes on hot dog buns and i just couldn’t get a tit weak around the cheese.

The Heaven Basement

I dreamed I was with a group of people and we were all waiting in line in heaven’s basement, which was huge and ramble like an old storybook castle, and eventually we passed by a room where Whoopi Goldberg was selling vacation packages to Florida while we waited to get into heaven. We knew it was a light offer, because Whoopi was an angel, but I woke up before we decided if we were going to Florida.

Vamps, Take Two

I dreamed I was Buffy again. This time, I teamed up with both Spike and Angel (go me!!) and we were in high school, except because Angel is so old, he was a teacher, and because Spike was immature, he was a student like Buffy-me.

At first, we went with our posse into an old house, but the bad guy, who was a literary agent who was stalking me, set the house on fire and we had to escape through the sewer portal that Spike found. Then we were in school, putting posters up, and Angel declared he was taking care of this, once and for all, and he disappeared into the bathroom. I sent Spike to check on him, but Spike came back and reported he’d disappeared, so we went to class. In the classroom, I saw a guy and instantly knew he was a demon, even though nobody else knew I was the vampire slayer. So I stood and attacked the guy, and his demon face popped out (he looked like a dark Davy Jones) and then he disappeared, but I kept doing my ninja moves on the invisible demon while my classmates watched. When ripped the demon’s heart out, everybody cheered and Angel came in and said he was getting his shoulder fixed, then we went for ice cream. Angel had a waffle cone with butter pecan, but the rest of us had frozen chocolate-stuffed bananas wrapped in maple ice cream and shaped like a giant dilly bar about the size of our heads.