You know that dream you have when you’re a kid that you’re in a ninja car, driving along, even though you’re not old enough to drive, when all of a sudden, the road ends and you’re falling into the ocean and then you wake up and realize it was just a dream, and you’re kinda bummed because you were getting ready to use your super-secret ninja skills to beat that ocean into submission?

That pretty much still happens a few times a week.  So, for the amusement of some of my friends who want to share with their friends just how weird my dreams are, I’m documenting them here, in the vast internet-land.

If you have weird dreams you’d like to share, please email me at i.dream.of.ninjas AT gmail DOT com.  I love to read about other people’s subconscious weirdness, and since my subconscious sometimes goes on hiatus, I’m happy to share your weird dreams with the vast internet-land too, even if your dreams aren’t about ninjas.

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