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Gunslinging Ninjas and Touchdown Jesus

I dreamed on was on the NCIS crew (with Gibbs, not with Chris O’Donnell), and we had to ride a falling elevator to the bottom of a building where we were fixing up an old school bus.  My team was half NCIS, half old high school classmates.  Then the bad guys came in, and they were all old high school classmates too.  When they tried to shoot at my team, I was the only one who could fire back, but all I had was a revolver, so while my aim was deadly (except for the bullets that evaporated on contact), it took me a while to reload.  Finally we took care of the bad guys, and I had to go live with my parents as part of the witness protection program.  We took the bus past the burnt-out statue of Touchdown Jesus on the way there, and most of my family was on the bus.  (Don’t worry – it was a roomy bus.)


Spinning Conferences

I dreamed I went to a writing conference in Seattle and it was in a centrifuge on top of a huge building. I kept missing the elevator, but when I finally got to the top, I spun in circles searching for the Space Needle, which was way off in the distance, and Seattle looked like the London of Mary Poppins, except with the whole Space Needle thing. Then I told everyone I’d be back for the seattle RWA conference in October and that I would go to workshops at that one.