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Can You Feel The Weirdness Tonight?

I dreamed I was back in high school, except it looked more like college, except with a lot more fountains and flowers and buildings I didn’t recognize and couldn’t find my way around. I was hanging out with my friends, dancing and singing with them on the roof, when there was a prison break on campus and all the gang thugs escaped. First we fought, then we danced and sang together, then we all decided to go have lunch at the cafeteria in the library. I needed to get to my psychology class because we had a test on the first day of classes, but I forgot where my class was, and before I got there, the zoo asked for my help to summon the Lion King’s girlfriend. So I learned how to spin the magic wheel in the basement to call Nala, and then the entire Lion King cast was there, and Simba and Nala were chasing each other and chasing me, but they were friendly and eventually they left for their parade. Then I realized I had no idea where my bag and books and schedule were, and we suspected the janitor had thrown them away because they didn’t really fit in my bag, and I’d emptied it at lunch anyway. But then the ninja-spouse pointed out we could just go to the main office, get me a pass for my test and a new copy of my schedule, and everything would be fine.


Don’t you be messing with my sister, Witch

I dreamed that I went all ninja on a sorceress’s ass when she tried to put a bad boyfriend spell on my sister.  We were fighting over the spell (me and the sorceress, not me and my sister) when an old dude in a pickup pulled up and told us to go to the beach.  So we left the old Victorian house we were at and suddenly we were walking through the sand amidst sea turtles and stingrays and dolphins and crocodiles and these weird prehistoric Nessie-looking creatures that had small teeth and might or might not have been friendly, so I didn’t get too close.  When the croc grinned at me, though, I called it quits on the dream and woke up.