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Prom Hair

I dreamed that the ninja-spouse took me to make an appointment to get my hair cut, but since it was prom season, we ended up with an appointment for Fourth of July, and we had dinner and a show instead.  We went to this local restaurant that serves amazing food for the podunk town we live in, but instead of just getting the fantastic grouper dish, we had to move out of the way as the owners and crew sand and danced all over the restaurant.

Then I was back in high school.  Again.  And I was helping my big daddy investigate the bad smoothie water, since somebody was poisoning it.  Also, some hick locals were burying stolen treasure in their basement but we had to solve the water problem before Big Daddy wanted to hear about it.

Then I couldn’t get a hair appointment again, so I went back to the hoe-down at the high school, where everyone snubbed me but I couldn’t figure out why.  The prom queen started a fight with me while a yearbook photographer was watching, so I started throwing fake punches and then posing as if I were being attacked when the photographer took the picture.

Then my RWA chaptermates flagged me down from their little corner in the cafeteria tent, and it seemed prudent to go hang out with people who actually liked me.